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Analyzing a line of aspects of economical, geographical, historical, cultural, and social nature, having in account the new realities of the globalization, when many firms cannot cope with the competition, with the new technologies and appliances requiring more investments, the "Technics" company decided to invest in a region located within the triangle Bulgaria - Greece - Turkey, with the general target to establish: An International Center of Rapid Economic Development (ICRED), serving the increasing intensive transport flows from Asia, Russia, BCM, and the Balkan states to Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and back to Russia, BCM, and Asia. An International Center which will also serve as a distribution terminal for the traffic of goods along all directions in Bulgaria and the countries in the Balkans region. With this purpose the "Technics" Company already purchased over 84 000 sq.m. of land (with optional increase up to 200 000 sq.m.) near the strategic, not only for the region, but also for the entire Eurasian and North-African region, crossroad in Haskovo District. More precisely the territory between Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad which since ancient times has become an important crossroad and a strategic area for establishing trades connections between the East and the West. The historical destiny of the region was being determined along the centuries by the two important transport arteries passing through here.

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Firstly it is the diagonal road from Europe to Asia Minor, which during the ages has passed to the North or to the South of Maritsa River, but has always followed its flow. No lesser importance for the economic of he region had the river itself which only until the construction of the railroad between Plovdiv and Edirne in 1873 was intensively used for transporting goods on water from the interior of Thrace o the Aegean region and back. The strategic disposition of the region brought to strengthening the positions of the FAIRS at which was generally performed the exchange of products and the purchase of imported goods. THE LARGEST FAIR in European Turkey - THE UZUNDZHOVO FAIR was organized in this area. It lasted about 40 days and was visited by 20 000 to 30 000 tradesmen from the region and Austria, England, France, and many other countries. For those age it was an enormous flow of people, goods and money. The terrain determined for the construction of the International Center is located at less than 700 m from the only crossroad of the three transport highways called No. 4 London - Calcutta, and No. 10 Vienna - Istanbul, which cross in Bulgaria and connect Europe from the Atlantic Ocean with the Middle East and the countries at the Indian Ocean, and Corridor No. 9 connecting Northern Europe from Helsinki through Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow), Ukraine (Kiev), Moldova and Romania to the Mediterranean countries, These corridors are being crossed by the corridors No. 7 along the Danube River which connects by water Europe with the countries around the Black Sea, and Corridor No. 8 from Italy through the Adriatic Sea, Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria (Burgas, Varna) to the Black Sea, and from there - to Russia, Ukraine, and Asia.

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According to preliminary data by the Ministry of Transport, it will be crossed by between 9 and 10 mill vehicles annually. Only 70 km away from the crossroad are Greece and Turkey. In Istanbul under the Bosporus, the railroad tunnel of "MARMARAY" is operational, the construction of the second railroad tunnel is in progress, and 2 km away from it, under the Bosporus the two-level-road tunnel "EURASIA" is under construction. The high-speed railroad line from Plovdiv to the borders with Greece and Turkey, through Dimitrovgrad is electrified, it will also serve the compositions coming from the prolongation of the ferries from Russia (Novorosiysk - Varna), and from Georgia (Batumi - Varna) up to Turkey (Istanbul) with the same railroad wagons, and from there through the tunnel under the Bosporus to the Middle East and Asia. 3 km from Dimitrovgrad will be constructed the largest railroad containers terminal on the Balkans, and it shall be a distribution station for the containers loads flow. The largest market in Bulgaria for industrial goods is also located there. Only 2 km. from the crossroad is located a closed military airport which can be used for passengers and cargo transport. This crossroad is connected to the longest Euro-Asian highway called the "Silky road" which China is trying to revive now, and has provided a great amount of the funds for its realization, it is the shortest road from the countries of the Pacific Ocean through Asia and Europe to the Atlantic Ocean.

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This is a high-speed highway (with work denomination "AH-1" and is being constructed under the aegis of the UN (UESCAP) which provides the greater amount of the funds for construction). It will be over 150 thousand kilometers long connecting 55 highways into one, unifying over 40 European and Asian states into a unified road system, and it will be the only crossroad between the European and the Asian road networks.

In fact that will be the most crowded crossroad during this XXI century, where the interests and the cultures of many peoples, nations and states will meet.

For the complete function of the International Center of Rapid Economic Development 4 general directions will be established:

Production Sector:

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Almost all countries have their requirements for the goods promoted in their markets, such as packing, instructions, etc. Without knowing who their clients will be in advance, it is practically impossible for the producers to cover the packing politics of every country, especially in relation to smaller orders. Manufacturers can deliver their goods in the International Center in form unprocessed for the market. Depending on the market, the Center can undertake to process, clean, sort, distribute, pack, etiquette, and perform all necessary processes for the production of goods in up-to-date commercial form, according to the requirements of every country for which the good is dedicated. Different productions will be created, too, part of which can take advantage of the preferential conditions of duty-free production with materials supplied by the client/customer, etc. 

Trades Exhibition:

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The Trading area will be constructed under the latest International law requirements, which will be capable to storage in one place a great amount of goods, materials, technologies, and services as from the regional states, as well as from the states of Europe and Asia. Traders will be able to see a large variety of goods from all over the world, without having to wander around a lot, as in the mean time they will be able to decrease the expenses on their employees' numerous business trips, as well as on the sale or purchase of the needed commodities. At the same time, producers will be able to promote and advertise their production to a great flow of people gathered in one place. Th bigger companies can have their own representative offices, and the smaller ones may be represented by their branch representatives, or they can empower the established especially for that purpose bureaus in the Center which will observe for their interests. Manufacturers, depending on the demand, can deliver to the Center a certain amount of goods which the client can receive instantly, or have them delivered to an indicated address, without having to deal with the delivery issues, they can assign everything to the Center. There will also be trilateral deals performed, when two or more sides (companies) conclude a deal (deals), and the Center undertakes the services for the delivery of the goods or the materials to the buyers' sides. Thus excess transport expenses will be avoided, the time for delivery will be decreased, and the security for the realization of the deal will be ensured.


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Producers and trader can deliver bigger quantities of goods to antroposite warehouses which may be relieved of customs observation directly by the buyer. Thus the producer will not freeze his finances, and ill even spare the means necessary for the discharge of the goods. Through such a Terminal, it will be a lot faster to respond to the market idiosyncrasies of the different states, the numerous little deliveries which make the production more expensive, not to say that they are often not executable, especially for the small and intermediate business, which is the essence of all countries, will be avoided. We are sure that everyone understands the enormous benefit from the establishment of such a Terminal and th numerous services it ill offer to the producers in the interest of the faster, more efficient, and profitable commercial turnover.

Communications Center:

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The Communications Center will be equipped with a powerful computer data system based on the existing ones of BIA /Bulgarian Industrial Association/, BCCI /Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry/, FIA /Foreign Investments Agency/, and other institutions, through which the tradesmen will have constant access to the information about the condition of the separate industry sectors of the countries, their position in the world economy system. Through a correct analysis of the entire required information it will be possible to determine what and how shall be manufactured, and what shall be bought, and this is how the ICRED can be of assistance. The Communications Sector will create such conditions that at a maximum relieved manner to be able to meet the enormous flow of goods, people, and money, to ensure their movement in the necessary direction as quickly and efficiently as possible. A Consortium of Bulgarian and foreign banks can be established on the territory of the Center, which may be connected to the bank systems of many countries. It will be enough for the customers to register their bank accounts in the Consortium, no matter in which bank or state they are. The Consortium shall issue a special encoded in the Center's computers credit card up to the confirmed by his/her bank amount, the client shall be able to make purchases in all Center showrooms, and to reflect the deals at the ATMs installed especially for that purpose, which shall be interconnected with the Consortium's central computer system. When closing one or more deals, or, possibly, at the end of his/her stay, the customer shall present his/her card with the purchases he/she made up to a certain amount, then the necessary documents shall be filled in, and a total payment shall be made between his/her bank and the Consortium. After that operation the deals shall be considered finalized, the seller's accounts are being verified, and the expeditors shall take over the deals in order to execute them. Thus the payment system shall be simplified, the necessity to bring cash and to convert it shall fall off, the risk of scams shall be removed, and most importantly, the quick realization of goods and services is being supported, which is every manufacturer and tradesman's purpose. Several insurance, expedition and marketing agencies, customs, bank and post offices, nutrition, fire and medical stations, enough showrooms for samples, negotiations, and communication, offices for Companies and representatives, gas-stations for light and heavy vehicles, and repair - shops for their service will exist in the International Center, a modern hotel complex with all the necessary conditions for clients and guests will be constructed, too. Of course, these are not all the advantages of the establishment of such an International Center of Rapid Economic Development, giving us the reason to present it to you. But we are sure that all we who perform economics activities can imagine the numerous aspects of different activities and services which such an International Center may offer. The project we offer is not a dogma , and it may be discussed and supplemented, hypermarkets or other trades center may be constructed, we would not exclude workshops, factories, plants, etc. Here can be produced, sorted and sold commodities which will go to the EU markets free of duties, and this means access to 550 million users. Besides that, zero duties exist for the states of Macedonia and Serbia, and other countries in the region, which makes the Center particularly attractive. We offer joint actions for the construction and the exploitation of the International Center of Rapid Development (ICRED), where not only your commodities can be realized at the markets, as to the East to Russia and China, as well as to Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean states and North Africa, but also you can have a shareholder participation in ICRED, considerable profits, and decisive vote (depending on your percentage of shareholding) in its management and development, as well as for defining the priority directions of its activities. We are ready to discuss with you and other companies, banks, and institutions different variants for the establishment of joint ventures, consortiums and other forms of partnership for the realization of this strategic Center. In case ICRED is financed by certain banks, foundations, companies, or other institutions, deliveries of basic equipment, materials and construction materials necessary for the construction and exploitation of the ICRED are possible, by companies close to you (respectively from your Country, city). Thus, the majority of the funds invested will stay in your companies, state, city, etc., and their return and profit will be realized by the ICRED. Establishing such a Center has a huge meaning for the development of the cultural connections and the business in many countries.

This will be a Center which will be a GATE for different commodities to the markets on three continents.

In case you are interested, we are ready to discuss different variants of collaboration for the joint realization and exploitation of the International Center of Rapid Economic in Bulgaria.



Sincerely yours

Engineer - economist D. Dimitrov

Certified Manager

Master in International Affairs

Engineer Economist Marina Dadikozian